About Us

   Hello, Witty Socks
Witty Socks, a high-quality sock that combines unique designs and craftsmanship. (Probably) The world’s most comfortable and colorful tool for spreading happiness was born. This concept is now brought to life by Witty Socks’ talented team of creatives.


Who We Are

Comfort should not be a luxury but a human necessity. This is what we at Witty Socks believe and are determined to turn into a reality. We made a promise to ourselves, our customers, and our community that we would spread happiness, love and comfort with our products; to those that can afford it and those who can't. That is why we also donate socks to orphanages. Every purchase you make contributes to making a difference in a child’s life. 


Why We Care

You know how great it feels to put on a new piece of clothing. For instance, that feeling of pride and accomplishment you get when you first slide on those new cute snuggly socks, while static electricity sparkles like magic; it is a feeling that everybody deserves. Pride, comfort, confidence, and happiness. Sadly, we live in a world where not everybody can experience that feeling, and knowing that, tears on our heartstrings.
That's why part of our proceeds goes towards supporting orphanages, cat and dog shelters, and permaculture projects that promote sustainability and spiritual awareness. By taking small steps every day, we can make a big difference in the world around us. Join us in our mission to create a more harmonious and compassionate world, one step at a time.

What We Do
We have two equally important primary goals here at Witty Socks: One is to bask you in happiness in whatever we do, and the other is to love our community and spread happiness wherever we can.  
You are an integral part of our business. You see, when we keep you smiling by means of our superior product quality, affordable product prices, excellent customer service, fast, reliable delivery and so on, you might come back to us. If you come back and buy another product, that means that an orphanage would be receiving two donations instead of just the one.   
How We Do It
How do we aim to keep you happy? We brainstormed and determined that the first thing would be to come up with superior quality products that are also aesthetically pleasing, and friendly to your wallet. That means: Awesome socks at affordable prices that would last a long time.
Remember, we said we wanted to keep the community happy? Well, the environment is also part of our community, and we need to care about that too. Our socks are vegan socks, made of high-quality combed cotton, grown using fair farming practices. No little lamb got hurt by the making of our socks.
Our designers are consumer gurus that research global trends and come up with spectacular trendy designs that we incorporate in the making of our socks. Our products are stitched to perfection with the intention to last. Afterward, they go through a vigorous inspection phase where every sock is carefully examined before we send them off to you.


Your Satisfaction Matters

We are also just human and maybe once in a blue moon, one out of a gazillion socks might not adhere to our stringent level of quality, and then this sneaky little rascal might end up in your hands. We want you to know that we thrive on your content and that is why we have a 100% happiness guarantee. We want you to tell us if you are not over the moon with your product so that we can drop everything and resolve the matter and put a smile back on your face.


We would love to hear from you

How can we keep you happy?

We have a team of amazing people with oversized hearts that are waiting to hear from you and boost your happiness through whatever means are necessary.